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Proprietary Interest Policy


To ensure that individuals involved in delivering training disclose any proprietary interest as well as the source of any compensation related to the presentation.


When planning training, all Positive Instructors will execute an Instructor Agreement where any proprietary interest will be disclosed and expanded upon. Positive’s Training Administrator will review the Instructor Agreement and discuss this policy with the trainer in relation to any proprietary interests. Prior to the start of any training, the trainer will disclose to participants any proprietary interest in the products and services or materials discussed.

The Positive Learning Center (Positive) has no financial obligations, partnerships or debts to any third- party organizations used in research and development of coursework.

  1. Positive Workforce writers and course design experts have no financial obligations, partnerships or debts with any third-party organizations used in research and development of coursework.
  2. All third-party resources are for the sole use of developing materials and are adequately cited throughout the course curriculum as necessary.
  3. No Positive representative shall endorse third party organizations while writing or conducting a learning event for the purpose of personal profit or other benefit.
  4. All Positive employees, contractors or instructors involved with the development, delivery or evaluation of courses (writers/developers/ SMEs/ Review Team) must disclose any prior or current organizations with which they have had a personal investment. All Positive employees involved in course development must adhere to Positive’s Proprietary Interest Disclosure Policy.
  5. In the event that a partnership is created with a third-party organization, the relationship must be made clear in the course summary page found within the course and online.
  6. The relationship between Positive and any third party must be disclosed prior to course purchase.
  7. Third-party partnerships are intended to enhance the learning experience.
  8. The success of a learning event cannot depend on the partnership of a third-party partnership.
  9. When planning training, all Instructors must disclose in detail all proprietary interest.  The Training Administrator will review the disclosure and discuss this policy in relation to any proprietary interests.
  10. Prior to the start of any training, the Instructor will disclose to participants any proprietary interest in the products, instruments, devices, services or materials discussed. In addition, the Instructor will also indicate any source of compensation related to the presentation.
  11. Disclosure of proprietary interest shall be the responsibility of the Instructor and not the responsibility of Positive.



Positive will review this policy with training staff and a signed copy will be placed in the employee’s personnel file. Documentation of efforts will be maintained within Positive’s administrative offices.If the Proprietary Interest Disclosure Policy is violated by any Positive employee, contractor or Instructor involved with course development, delivery and evaluation, a warning will be issued and possible termination.



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