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​​​​Positive Workforce, Inc.

History and Mission 

Positive Workforce, Inc. was founded in 1987 as a New York City minority advocacy and employment service organization. Its mission is to assist members of the local community in obtaining both entry-level and Journeyman positions in the construction industry by working with major developers and contractors to ensure proper community participation. 


Positive Workforce services many residents of the New York City Empowerment Zone. According to the 2010 Census, the percentage of persons living under the poverty line in these communities is 33% or above, depending on the geographic neighborhood and census track. There is a need for advocacy, job training and job placement initiatives that sustain families above the poverty line. Positive Workforce provides all. 


Job Placement

Positive Workforce has succeeded in providing thousands of jobs in construction industry throughout New York City and surrounding areas. Many trainees and placements maintain a retention rate of employment that exceeds the 90-day period of typical seasonal work. The jobs obtained have salaries that are among the most competitive in New York City. After placement, Positive continues to assist participants by working with developers and contractors in tracking placement attendance, accountability and work performance thereby retaining their employment.